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It's time to take charge

From AI FOMO to soul-crushing social media our minds are kept busy. and we don’t have time to do what’s good for us. The Gozamm app makes it easy to identify what’s important to you and playfully guide you towards meaningful and measurable change.

Meeting you where you are

All content and tools on Gozamm are intended to create entertaining learning and insights. There's no clickbait, no ads, nor any hidden commercial agendas. Gozamm makes money from companies that subscribe and not the regular user. You are not the product - Gozamm is!

You are now on our update list, and we will share news about new app versions, beta-testing opportunities, and other cool things.


The democratization of personal growth starts here and now!

The founders of Gozamm are long-time pioneers of the global coaching industry and count some of the biggest companies in the world as customers. Their mission is to make the knowledge reserved for a few made available to the masses. Gozamm is a catalyst for sharing, contributing, and ultimately taking responsibility for upskilling the world.

Make your company a conduit for happiness

The purpose of Gozamm Enterprise is help to help organisations create radical shifts in company culture, up the level of satisfaction and increase happiness among employees. When deploying Gozamm an organization show employees that they really care.

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